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Clinching Tool Accessories

Additional Equipment & Assembly Tools

For the TOX®-Clinching Process we have standardized special accessories to complete the toolsets.

TOX®-Spring for strippers

Special helical spring suitable for stripper type CSR and type CMR, ground to parallel and angular requirements.

Calculation of the stripping force F of stripper:

F = R · (PD + fV) + FV

FV = Preload force

fv = Punch recessed (mostly 0.5 mm)

R = Rate of spring

PD = penetration depth

Calculation of the penetration depth PD:

PD = S1 + S2 + DD - X

DD = Die depth (from TOX®-Test Report)

X = Control dimension X (from TOX®-Test Report)

S1 = sheet metal thickness on punch side

S2 = sheet metal thickness on die side


When the joining is completed, the punch, resp. the die, must be removed from the sheet metal. For this purpose, strippers are required for punch and die.

Strippers are performing several functions:

  • Tool holding fixture:
    In most cases, the stripper serves also as a tool holder, ideally when used with the perfectly matched TOX®-Stripper standard components.
  • Blank holder:
    During TOX®-Clinching, a deep drawing process takes place, whereby the sheet metal material around the joining point is drawn in. Here, the designer must use a blank holder applying a defined press force to clamp and fix the workpiece. The stripper spring is compressed during this process.
  • Stripper:
    When the joining is completed, the punch, resp. the die, must be removed from the sheet metal. The required forces are determined by the test and provided in the TOX®-Test Report. The stripping travel and force are generated by the preloaded stripper spring.
TOX®-Holding Flange

Holding flange for stripper, for screwing onto TOX®-Powerpackage working piston or adaptable on plate side.

Open end wrench and hexagon socket

The open end wrench CZG and the special hexagon socket CZN are tools for changing TOX®-Tools, TOX®-Coil Springs and holding flanges.

TOX®-Measuring Equipment

These gauges serve to measure the control dimension X, i. e. the residual bottom thickness of the TOX®-Joints or the ClinchRivet® joint.

Different analogue and digital gauges are available. Special versions e. g. with longer jaws can be supplied.


The die monitoring system TOX®-ToolCheck, together with the process monitoring, checks the condition of the TOX®-Clinching Dies.

This ensures that the joining process is always performed with an intact die. Any failure (breakage) will be identified within < 1 second. The life of the tools can be used reliably in its entirety.

TOX®-Spray Equipment

This spray equipment has been specially developed to lubricate the sheet metal surface or the TOX®-Tools just before the joining process, in order to reduce the pressing and stripping forces.

Several valves can be connected in parallel to a central pressurized reservoir which dispenses spray media to the nozzles. Spray heads for various applications can be used with this system. The application flexibility is provided by the modular design of the TOX®-Spray Equipment.

The system can be easily expanded depending on requirement changes in complex installations.

The acceptable spray media, with maximum viscosity of 22 mm2 / sec, will be optimized with the TOX®-Test Report for the particular application.

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