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TOX® Automotive Transmission Assembly Presses

Engines and transmissions play a vital role in automobiles, generating power and transferring it to the wheels. These assemblies are incredibly complex, containing hundreds of components that must be manufactured with precision to ensure proper and safe operation. 

Boost your automotive engine and transmission manufacturing output with TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. Our electric drive servo presses and monitored Powerpackages with complete process control and feedback, enhance productivity, quality, and profitability. Read on to learn more about TOX® Powerpackage and servo press drive solutions for automotive engine and transmission assembly.

Advantages of TOX® Press Drives for Automotive Engine and Transmission Applications

It is arduous to operate conventional mechanical and hydraulic presses. Inputs and outputs must be monitored during production to obtain satisfactory outcomes. This is time-consuming and distracts essential personnel from other important processes. 

With servo presses, automotive engine and transmission assembly production is fast, efficient, and accurate. They can work with various tools and part types, which improves manufacturing process flexibility, reliability, and throughput. 

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK automotive engine and transmission assembly servo presses offer an array of benefits. Some examples include: 

  • Precision forming
  • Energy efficiency
  • Variable stroke profiles 
  • Precise ram motion and position control throughout the stroke length 
  • Variable, precise ram velocity control, even within a single cycle of the press stroke
  • Full working energy at any speed 
  • Less noise
  • High accuracy and repeatability 
  • Full press capacity anywhere in the stroke 
  • Long life

A servo process runs entirely on electricity, which means no oil is required. There are no leaks or expensive disposal fees. Being electrically powered ensures cleanliness requirements are maintained while being environmentally friendly. Automotive manufacturers can also benefit from park-pin hand-tong equipment. Unlike our electric drives, it is an air-oil driven device. 

Innovative Manufacturing Processes, Increased Automobile Engine and Transmission Performance

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK has decades of experience developing intuitive metal forming and assembly solutions for the automotive industry. Our Powerpackage and servo presses can apply force throughout the stroke length, resulting in enhanced speed, precision, and quality. 

For most people, a car is something they charge or fill with fuel that moves them from one destination to another. For automakers and their manufacturing partners, they must find a way to convert energy from the heat of burning fuel into mechanical work, or torque, in the engine. That torque is applied through the transmission to the wheels to make the car move. 

More and more, consumers and policymakers want these functions to occur with better performance, reliability, and sustainability. TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK’s electric drive servo presses and monitored Powerpackages streamline the production of automotive engine and transmission components, such as:    

  • Pin, Bearing, and Bushing Insertion
  • Gear Assembly
  • Differential and Axle Assembly
  • Cup Plug Insertion
  • Power Steering Assembly
  • Alternator Assembly
  • AC Compressor Assembly
  • Head Assembly
  • Valve Seat and Guide Installation
  • Seal Insertion/Installation
  • Cam and Stator Ring Assembly 
  • Fuel Line Assembly, Forming, and Crimping
  • Brake Line Assembly, Forming, and Crimping
  • Custom park pin hand-tong
  • Pressing Gears, Bushings, and Bearings onto Shafts

Otherwise, time-consuming assembly – pressing pins, cup plugs and bearings into housings, for example – is fast and straightforward when using our automotive engine part servo press solutions.

With TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK’s transmission assembly servo presses, your time is spent manufacturing products instead of fiddling with tooling. Many processes are pre-programmed into our software package, making set up and adjustment easy. Examples include: 

  • Press to position
  • Press to relative position
  • Press to change in the curve slope

Moving the automobile industry onward

For the automotive sector, innovation is essential for success. That includes strengthening productivity with equipment that enhances efficiency without sacrificing finished product quality.
With TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK presses, press drives, and special machinery, manufacturers can make vehicle engine and transmission parts and assemblies with pinpoint accuracy. This lowers warranty claims while improving profitability and client satisfaction.


Contact us to learn more about our automotive engine and transmission assembly processes and sheet metal joining solutions.

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