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Sheet Metal Riveting Applications

Joining sheet metal with elements

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK offers the systems and technology competence for different riveting operations which can all be summed up as: joining with elements. We specialize in technologies including self-piercing riveting, punch riveting, and full pierce riveting.


This page will give you an overview about the different riveting technologies to help you to find the right operation for your needs. To order equipment, request a quote today.


This is the combination of clinching and riveting. A simple, symmetrical ClinchRivet® is used as the joining element to produce a clinch connection without cutting the material. Applications in the crash zone of passenger cars are best examples for the capabilities of this versatile joining method. Read more

Riveting with solid punch rivets

The solid punch rivet first cuts all joining materials and then pushes the slug out of the joining spot. Read more

Riveting with self-pierce rivets

The self-pierce rivet cuts the first joining material and then forms into the last material. Read more

Riveting Equipment

We manufacture a range of machines to assist with your riveting applications. These include:



To order any of these items, please request a quote today.

  • We are the specialist for applications and systems in the rivetting technology.
    Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Pfeiffer

Based on our extensive expertise from the ClinchRivet® we are also specialists in other rivet technologies. For all these operations we deliver the complete equipment as one system.

Discover the details of the technologies with us:



For more information about the sheet metal joining rivets, please contact us today!


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