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Automation Applications for the Aerospace Industry

In the Aerospace industry, many factors come in to play when considering the safety and overall effectiveness of certain equipment and parts. From drastic temperature changes, to harsh changes in pressure, to extreme and damaging weather conditions, all aircraft and similar equipment must be able to endure the roughest conditions. Companies and businesses in this space must work with experienced and trusted companies to meet their safety needs and unique requirements.

Starting in 1978 and now sitting as one of the world’s leading companies, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK ensures consistency and quality. Flawless, high-precision engineering is too important to overlook in the aerospace industry, and that’s why we’ve spent the last 40+ years perfecting our craft.


Two types of drives are available through TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. Pneumohydraulic Powerpackage drives are used worldwide for thousands of different uses. We also offer an electromechanical servo drive for those who like more options. Companies can also choose between standalone and integrated systems.

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We also offer industrial presses for your aerospace bending, punching, and forming needs. Look at our complete line of products including tongs, tools and monitoring controls.

What are some uses for TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK's drives in the Aerospace industry?

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Why should companies choose TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK?

The aerospace industry is always changing, but one factor that will remain the same is that all of our customers need high-quality, perfect-precision products. There is nothing more important to us than the safety and satisfaction of our customers, so we promise to only provide you with meticulously engineered equipment. Our products provide best-in-class quality while offering a cost-effective and energy-saving alternative to other options on the market. Contact Us and get the help you need.

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