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Sheet Metal Fastener

The TOX®-SKB is a special die with fixed and moving segments. The materials and the punch are centered by the fixed segments, thereby guaranteeing that the joint formation is perfectly concentric. The moving segments located between the fixed segments allow for the interlocking of the materials in the joint. The SKB die can be used for the TOX®-Round Joint as well as for the TOX®-ClinchRivet processes. It shows its strength especially if an adhesive is applied between the sheet metal layers.

For additional information, see TOX®-Tools.

Process Sequence

The advantages include a lower profile of the resulting button with higher flexibility when sheet metals of varying thicknesses need to be joined with one set of tools. The special arrangement of the springs results in extremely slim tools, and, therefore, better accessibility and minimal interference compared to conventional die designs without fixed segments. 

Process for creation of a TOX®-SKB Point

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