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TOX® Press Drives for Automotive Suspension

The quality of the components that form an automobile’s suspension system does not always come to mind when most people get behind the wheel. Still, these piece parts are responsible for smoothing out the ride and keeping the vehicle in control. For carmakers and their supply chain partners, the ability to repeatedly fabricate precision suspension components is of the utmost importance. 

Take your automobile suspension component manufacturing capabilities to new performance levels with TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. Our electric drive servo presses and monitored Powerpackages with complete process control and feedback, enhance productivity, quality, and profitability. Read on to learn more about automotive  suspension presses.

Benefits of a TOX® Press for Automotive Suspension

It is challenging to control a conventional, mechanically driven press. Inputs and outputs must be monitored throughout the production process to ensure optimal finished product quality, which can be time-consuming.

TOX® Powerpackage and servo press drives for automotive suspension offer increased reliability and versatility. Stroke, ram motion, ram position, and speed are programmable to seemingly unlimited combinations. They can work with a variety of tools and part types. Additional advantages of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK presses include:


  • Precision forming
  • Energy efficiency
  • Variable stroke profiles 
  • Precise ram motion and position control and/or monitoring throughout the stroke length 
  • Variable, precise ram velocity control, even within a single cycle of the press stroke
  • Full working energy at any speed 
  • Less noise
  • High accuracy and repeatability 
  • Full press capacity anywhere in the stroke 
  • Long life

Choose a servo press to operate entirely on electricity, no oil is required. This eliminates leaks, expensive disposal fees and ensures cleanliness requirements are maintained.  When you choose the Powerpackage you get similar performance and monitoring too.

Superior Manufacturing Processes, Better Automobile Suspension Performance

For decades, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK has developed innovative metal forming and assembly solutions for the automotive industry. Whether you choose a servo or Powerpackage drive, our presses enable the application of force throughout the entire stroke length, leading to superior precision and quality. 

A suspension system is made up of the chassis, which carries the cab while springs support the vehicle weight and absorb excess energy from road shocks, along with the shock absorbers and struts. Additionally, an anti-sway bar shifts the movement of the wheels and stabilizes the car. TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK press drives for automotive suspension can simplify the manufacture of these components and many more: 

  • Isolation Bushing Insertion
  • Trailing Arm
  • A-Arm
  • Engine Cradle
  • Twist Axle
  • Ball Joint Assembly/Insertion
  • Steering Arm Assembly
  • Stud/Spindle Assembly Exciter Ring Installation
  • Shock absorber/strut assembly and testing

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK also develops custom press-fitting equipment, which can streamline vehicle suspension production. Press fitting technology is a mechanical method of assembly. It is utilized to manufacture an array of parts and assemblies, which include: 

  • Pulling link
  • Front Axle Carrier
  • Rear Axle Carrier
  • Bushings with Steel Covers
  • Split Bushings with Steel Covers
  • Dumbbell-shaped Bushings

Driving innovative manufacturing processes

Automobiles are built from various components, and carmakers require large quantities of them to fulfill market demand. Precision parts enable vehicles to perform better and last longer, which reduces warranty claims and improves customer satisfaction. They also enhance shop throughput and profitability. 

Optimize the production of automobile suspension components with high-performance servo and monitored Powerpackage presses from TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. With us, you have absolute accuracy. 


Contact us to learn more about suspension for automotive servo press solutions. 

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