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Robot & Machine Tongs

  • The modular kit system of the TOX®-Tongs
  • TOX®-Robot Tongs type TZ in production
  • TOX®-Tongs for solid punch riveting
  • TOX®-Machine Tongs with marking tool

Busy in fabrication: Robotic & Machine Mount Units

The modular concept for handheld-, machine- and robotic press units provides an ample freedom to match these TOX®-Units to the used parts and handling equipment.

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK provides solutions to all application and quality assurance requirements with a clearly defined interface. 


  • Modular design
  • 3 drive variants available
  • TOX®-Quality: Control dimension "X" adjustable and controllable for clinching
  • Y – Z axis adjustable
  • Indirect press force measuring
  • Power stroke can be switched off for setting when using a TOX®-Powerpackage
  • Die side drive available
  • Prepared for compensating slide
  • Process Monitoring can be connected
  • Control module integrated "ready to use"
  • Standard frame sizes
  • Customized versions available upon request

The modular kit system

TOX®-Tongs - The modular kit system
The modular kit system of the TOX®-Tongs

Components of the TOX®-Robot Tongs modular kit system:

  • C-Bow
  • Drive
  • Tooling
  • Electronics / Controls / Monitoring
  • Adaption flange
C-Bow for TOX®-Robot Tongs
Load capacity: 50-95 kN

The frame shapes are designed according to the type of application and to the shape of the work piece. Different standardized C-bows provide an excellent delivery time.

Drives for TOX®-Robot Tongs

The precise adapter flange on the TOX®-Drives type RZ provide an exact alignment of the drive.

There are pneumohydraulic and hydraulic drives als well as electromechanical drives available.

Tooling for TOX®-Robot Tongs

The tooling of the TOX®-Robot Tongs depends on the used application. The toolset consisting of punch and die can also be mounted for die side drive.

Special strippers and equipment for robot tongs are standarized as well.

More about TOX®-Clinching Tools

Controls for TOX®-Robot Tongs

The tongs installation plate ZIP contains the necessary valves, sensors and electrical and pneumatic interfaces. Size and designs varies according to the used drive type and application.

Additional equipment

Depending upon your project-specific needs, we provide different accessories and additional equipment within our modular kit system.

Option for all TZ-Tongs: indexing slide with stroke adjustment and pneumatic cylinder. Large stroke to clear the TOX®-Button or any embossment on the parts. Includes end position sensor.

Option for all TZ-Tongs: drive with die indexing slide.

Applicable to units with the die mounted on the drive side. It prevents any undesirable loads on the workpiece.

Special Punch stripper with thread for drives RZK, RZH, EPMR.

More about TOX®-Clinching Tools and Accessories.

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