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HMI Touch Screen Panel & PC all in one: TOX®-UDI Panel

More than just a Human Machine Interface touch panel - the Universal Data Interface

Get to know the control, visualization and process monitoring solution from TOX®. Behind the robust, machined aluminum housing is a powerful PC, which provides you with a gateway into the system data, real-time.
Functionality thus reaches far beyond that of a typical Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screen panel.
A Universal Data Interface (UDI), ready for a digital connection of your processes for Industry 4.0.

TOX®-UDI Panel

The TOX®-UDI Panel is a human machine interface touch screen based panel PC including the TOX®-Software all on a secured Linux® platform.
It combines the control and visualization of your system with the required storage and processing power of real-time data. This makes the UDI Panel the ideal addition for every solution from TOX®.
Available in three designs: 10", 13" and 21".

The solution for every application

When developing the UDI Panels, a powerful and at the same time robust product design was our goal:

  • Touch screen and PC all in one: Easy to assemble and connect
  • Secured Linux® operating system for maximum IT security: TOX® Operating System
  • Exchange of quality data: Compatible with many database collection systems such as MQTT and OPC UA (for example XML or JSON formats)
  • Option for archiving and traceability: 250 GB SSD 
  • IP66: Protected against dust and water
  • Without fan and vent slots: Well protected against contamination and environmental influences
  • Ambient temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C


Take advantage of the UDI Panel as a comprehensive solution for the processing of your quality data.
Process configuration and visualization of the work processes can be realized directly on the UDI Panel by means of the intuitive TOX®-Software.
For use in various applications: with our electromechanical servo presses, the FlexPress Compact or our robot and machine tongs. The UDI Panel was developed specifically for the systems from TOX® and provides you with relevant information that you require for your process control at all times.

For mounting on a support arm or integration into a control cabinet, the UDI Panel is available in 13" and 21" sizes. Furthermore, there is a 10" version solely for visualization and operation.
For applications not requiring a visual display, you can also get the Universal Data Interface as an embedded option for your control cabinet: TOX®-UDI Module.


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