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Benchtop & Manual Assembly Presses

  • TOX®-FinePress PFHW for pressing operation
  • Different TOX®-FinePress models with slide table
  • TOX®-FinePress ZFL 004 with customized tooling

TOX®-FinePress - Functional design and noticeable quality

TOX®-FinePresses are flexible table presses with add-on possibility comprising four product lines and three frame sizes.


The assignment: increase productivity, assure quality, save on investment

The solution: TOX®-FinePress

  • Flexibility: extensive program, ample accessories, quick tool change, pull handle 360° adjustable
  • Quality: precise linear ram guide, smooth operation, robust design, rigid cast steel frames, pressing monitor available
  • Values: best price-performance ratio, all accessories retrofittable, worldwide service, 12 months warranty

For more information about our benchtop presses, contact TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK today!

TOX®-Presses are safe: They meet all European standards and guidelines. Turnkey machines are CE conform.

1. Ball rail guide for ram

2. Electric counter

3. Return stroke lock

4. Travel sensor


Offering flexibility, quality and value, the TOX®-FinePress collection is designed to increase productivity on a budget. Functionally designed with robust construction and superior guide quality, TOX®-FinePress models are available in all sizes, and offer a range of proven advantages:

  • Extensive program with ample accessories
  • 360-degree adjustable pull handle
  • Rigid cast steel frames
  • Optional pressing monitors
  • Worldwide TOX® service
  • Best-in-class, 12-month warranty
Toggle presses KF

Toggle Presses need a minimum of operator effort and provide a high press force.

Rack and Pinion Presses ZF

Constant press force throughout the entire working stroke.

Pneumatic Presses PF

The TOX®-Pneumatic Cylinder of the pneumatic press features the latest seal technology for smooth, trouble-free operation.

Pneumatic Presses with manual aproach

Pneumatic Presses with hand lever toggle mechanism for a combination of approach and powerstroke.

Accessoires for TOX®-FinePress

Operator friendly and retrofittable

TOX®-FinePresses are available in four different models – Toggle PressesRack & Pinion PressesPneumatic Presses and Pneumatic Presses with manual approach.

With pressforces ranging from 450 pounds to 12,900 pounds, there are three frame sizes available for each model. All models and frame sizes are in stock, ready for delivery. Benchtop presses include features such as quick tool change capability, 360º adjustable pull handles, and accessories that can be easily added/retrofitted.


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