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Type S & Type K Pneumohydraulic Drives

The Original Air/Oil Cylinder

The TOX®-Powerpackage type s & type k are the original air/oil cylinders from TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. We offer Type S (standard) and version S 50 with powerstroke adjustment. Type S offers patented power bypass with integrated retract hydraulic cushion, which is a standard feature for all TOX®-Powerpackages type S 4 to S 170.


Type K is the compact cylinder, including Type K version K 51 with total stroke adjustment. Type K also has our patented power bypass with integrated retract. The hydraulic cushion is available on request.


The TOX®-Powerpackage is available with different press forces, strokes, and designs. To select the right model for your application, please see our ordering guide.


Selection criteria:

1) Press force required for the application

2) Available air pressure

3) Total stroke of the cylinder

4) Powerstroke of the cylinder

5) Type of application: punching, embossing etc.

6) Available installation space 

TOX®-Powerpackage Type S
Press force: up to 1729 kN
Total stroke: up to 400 mm
Power stroke: up to 80 mm
Operating pressure: 2 - 10 bar

The TOX®-Powerpackage S with extreme high approach and retracting forces. For operating air pressure from 2-10 bar.

TOX®-Powerpackage Type K
Press force: up to 1740 kN
Total stroke: up to 400 mm
Power stroke: up to 50 mm
Operating pressure: 2 - 10 bar

Many variations based on this compact version of the TOX®-Powerpackage are possible. Application range: any forming and joining operation.

TOX®-Powerpackage Type S.50
Press force: up to 1000 kN
Total stroke: up to 400 mm mm
Power stroke: up to 80 mm
Operating pressure: 2 - 10 bar

The S series with power stroke adjustment: The power stroke length can be adjusted independently of the total stroke of the cylinder.

TOX®-Powerpackage Type K.51
Press force: up to 1710 kN
Total stroke: up to 400 mm
Power stroke: up to 50 mm
Operating pressure: 2 - 10 bar

The K series with total stroke adjustment where the total stroke can be adjusted independently of the power stroke length of the cylinder.


Brochures & Data Sheets

Brochure TOX®-PowerpackageData sheet 10.10: TOX®-Powerpackage accessories
Data sheet 10.10: Electrical and mechanical accessories for the TOX®-Powerpackage
Data sheet 10.20: TOX®-Powerpackage S and K
Data sheet 10.20: TOX®-Powerpackage Special types S and K

All brochures & data sheets

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