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Benchtop Press Accessories

Operator Friendly and Retrofittable

Depending upon your project-specific needs, our benchtop press accessories include:

  • Fine stroke adjustment
  • Side grip
  • Machine bases
  • Slide tables
  • Electric and pneumatic controls
  • Press monitoring with sensors

Tooling accessories

Tool fixture ZA
Accessory for: TOX®-FinePress

This simple tool fixture is screwed into the ram thread. It centers the tool via the precision bore and provides fixation of the tool using a set screw. Several bore sizes are available.

3-in-1 Tool Fixture ZF
Accessory for: TOX®-Toggle Presses

Toggle presses reach their maximum force at the bottom dead center. The micrometer fine adjustment allows for precise stroke adjustment in a 1/100 mm range.

Ergonomic Side Grip ZEH

The ergonomic grip can be mounted and rotated anywhere along the hand lever of the small press.

System components

Universal Base UUF
Accessory for: TOX®-FinePress

Meets latest ergonomic guidelines for maximum operator comfort.

Possible options:

  • UUF 1-45 Standard base with steel top and leveling feet
  • ZUUF 1-45 R Swivel casters
  • ZUUF 1-45 A Adjustable foot rest
Slide table ZHST

Simplify your press feeding requirements:

  • Integrated end of stroke dampening for smooth operation
  • Can be integrated into fully automated production lines
  • Tool weight max. 40 kg
  • Can be used with all presses up to 150 kN
Return Stroke Lock ZR
Accessory for: all Toggle, Rack and Pinion Presses

The locking function can be set to any position within the stroke.

The return stroke lock ZR-L2.001 is released after the ram reaches the selected end position. This guarantees the process repeatability and therefore a constant usage.

Electrical accessories

Electric counters ZEZ/ZPZ
Accessory for: ZEZ 001 for hand presses; ZPZ 001 for pneumatic presses

With the help of the electric counter the production quantities can be displayed on the eight digit display. No external power supply required!

Travel sensor ZW

The potentiometer travel measurement includes the travel sensor, cable with M8x1 plug, mounting bracket, cable guard and cable accessory. Use type:

  • ZW-K  for toggle presses
  • ZW-Z  for rack & pinion presses
  • ZW-P  for pneumatic presses
  • ZW-PH for pneumatic presses with manual approach



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