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Sheet Metal Riveting, Crimping & Flaring

Using rivets to join materials

Riveting is one of the oldest joining techniques

To join two sheets of metal a hole was drilled or pierced and then the solid rivets, with a head on one side and a cylindrical shaft, are installed. Most of the time the rivets were placed manually by hand. After placing, the tail was deformed and a tight connection was created.

Rivets are commonly used in trains, airplanes and bridges. Some of our customers -who use TOX®-Presses were glad that we offered this technology as well.

Riveting System

Do you wish to combine all or several production processes?

For the manufacture of your products, we offer individual solutions with components from the TOX®-Standard program.

Combine your own machine with our  System navigator

We offer you standardized but highly flexible products:

  • From individual up to series production
  • Tools tailored to your special application
  • For applications with or without additional material or components

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