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Sheet Metal Clinching Styles

Our clinch procedure is a proven substitute for welding, screwing & riveting.

TOX®-Round Point

The classic - proven over a million times. Patented. High static and dynamic strength. No cutting, consequently no corrosion. Simple, solid tools, very long life due to the insert - reliable and cost effective! Now also available as TOX®-MICROpoint with 2 mm diameter.


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The versatile die with a combination of fixed and sliding segments. The materials and the punch are centered by the fixed segments, thereby guaranteeing that the joint formation is perfectly concentric. The moving segments located between the fixed segments allow for the interlocking of the materials in the joint.


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A Round Joint which comes as double pack: the TOX®-TWINpoint!

Ideally applied to almost double the point strength and/or to achieve a joint with a non rotation feature. Perfectly used with parts having small flanges, due to the compact die design. This point also features a solid die with the same simple process and the advantages of the TOX®-Round Joint.


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TOX®-Flat Joint

If your part requires a flat surface, then the TOX®-Flat Joint is the solution. The strength values of the TOX®-Round Point or TOX®-SKB Joint remain virtually the same.


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TOX®-Vario Joint

The TOX®-Point for difficult cases: joining of sheet metal with large differences in thickness, joining of high strength or non ductile materials with ductile materials or joining of non metallic materials.


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