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EPMK Compact Servo Press Drive

The compact servo press drive

The EPMK is a compact electromechanical servo drive with a planetary roller screw spindle. Features of the EPMK include:


  • Compact design
  • Fast and highly dynamic
  • Precise guidance
  • Long lifetime
  • Modular design
  • Highly precise force measurements
  • Models are available with press forces ranging from 5 - 1000 kN (0.5 - 100 tons).

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Product Specifications TOX®-ElectricDrive EPMK

ModelEPMK 005EPMK 010EPMK 025EPMK 055EPMK 100EPMK 200EPMK 300EPMK 400EPMK 500EPMK 700EPMK 1000
Nominal pressing force5 kN10 kN25 kN55 kN100 kN200 kN300 kN400 kN500 kN700 kN1000 kN
Nominal pulling force3 kN3 kN7.5 kN16.5 kN30 kN60 kN300 kN400 kN500 kN700 kN500 kN
Speed300 mm/s300 mm/s220 mm/s200 mm/s200 mm/s120 mm/s90 mm/s50 mm/s50 mm/s37.5 mm/s50 mm/s
Default stroke1200 mm250 mm250 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm
Length481 mm657 mm657 mm761 mm854 mm973 mm1218 mm1260 mm1435 mm1651 mm1693 mm
Flange ratio A/A170/ 9270/ 9270/ 9295/ 120115/ 156145/ 170250/ 276250/ 276315/ 330315/ 330340/ 355
Weight16 kg22 kg26 kg46 kg78 kg154 kg533 kg543 kg886 kg1042 kg1140 kg

1other stroke lengths available

The TOX®-Electric Drive series EPMK is available with press forces of 5 kN* (.5 tons), 10 kN* (1 ton), 25 kN (2.5 tons), 55 kN (5.5 tons), 100 kN (10 tons), 200 kN (20 tons), 300 kN (30 tons), 400 kN (40 tons), 700 kN (70 tons) and 1000 kN (100 tons)

* EPMK 5 and 10 with ball screw spindle and direct drive without gearbox

Product details

TOX®-ElectricDrive EPMK
Electrical interfaces TOX®-ElectricDrive EPMK
Optional safety brake

Application examples

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